Ready. FIRE! Aim.

The biggest problem faced by business today is not learning but forgetting. And as Tom Peter quotes “Forgetting is the key activity…the primary activity…these days.” Forget it!

“You can’t live without an eraser”. (Gregory Bateson, Cybernetics)

Ready. Fire. Aim. Or: Just do it. We forget…and then we try to reinvent the wheel. But where we’ll be going then. Some of the most innovative successes came from forgetting…the past…and then venturing into N-E-W! But how to i-n-n-o-v-a-t-e? Forget the details. Rapid prototyping is the core competency among the innovation’s winners. “Effective prototyping may be the most valueable ‘core competence’ an innovative organization can hope to have.” (Michael Scharge, author and tech maven)

What’s then Rapid prototyping? It’s N-O-T off-the-shelf technique. Its cultural. Thus needless to say the-way-we-do-business-around-here is basically driven by quick-and-dirty tests and experiments. The normal practices are free flowing exchange around the rough models.

So how can I (MK), you or anybody can implement such a culture? The process is subtle, but with all due surprises its the way of life that makes an impact on the innovation potential. Think about the text book – think about chemistry as a subject you learned while in school. The-prototypers-breed.

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