Open Source Software, GPL & Beyond

When I heard about open source software back in my college days, it was an all exciting news for me. Open source softwares have been a delight to the developing community and now companies like IBM, and Sun Microsystems are not keeping away from it either. Many large and small corporations feel the advantage of an open source environment and building open source projects and providing solutions thereof.

Quite intrestingly things on the other hand has started to take some other shape, in order to save the common and general developers interests something called GPL has been into practice for quite some time now to save the developing community efforts. A recent article about Why Open Source Stifles Innovation suggests the threats to the commercial software products in the long run. Needless to say this might have been the innovation of people who developed doors and windows alike. To shut down your car you won’t plug on START button!

On the other hand Considering Open Source Software is coming out to be pretty powerful and has given the industry some very intresting features and have tried to kill the monopoly-threat which was posing a couple of years ago. Needless to say that we all live in a democratic world. So the industry should also have a democratic point of view in the development of softwares and the new and innovative products which are of-course for the betterment of the human community at large and its practices.

A small world is a better world and a peaceful world, but when it gets bigger – the big fishes often think themselves as kings and queens – rather working together with the smaller fishes. And when the time comes – the kings and the queens do get their lessons. Working together and as a team is the MANTRA. Its not me or I its just “we”.

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