Open Source – today and tomorrow

Apache Group started a small revolution. A simple http server – which has been the quite simplest ever. And most of all “it works”. I’m not surprised by the success of Mozilla’s FireFox. Or for that matter Linux. That small revolution started by Apache and followed by others has today given a new direction to the enterprise computing community.

These events were waiting to happen. In a world of technological chaos someone has to invent simplicity and ease of use. The data structures, stacks and linked lists all makes a perfect sense when they are made to do exactly what they are made to do. A system which works seamlessly might be like wanting a perfection but its quite not happening yet. But we are still getting there. Although in the plain IT terms – we’re getting there.

Likewise, when the thought process for the IT thinkers was taking different shapes at just about the same time some different thinking persuaded a different set of IT herd that brought about just the change which was wanted. In the economical sense – the need and the want. And it was the want that became the need later on looking at the wider picture on what all was happening around in the IT world.

Open Source today is the de facto for innovation. Tech experts and the high-rise tech corporations are not leaving a single strand to be missing on this opportunity.

What lies ahead? Open Source as a service provider. The bottom line for a innovation survival is funding. If the innovation continues to take place with no revenue then it might not last for long. Investors and VCs alike understand the potential for a service industry which is slowly taking its own shape in the form of open-source. The future right now is bright for Open-Source. And this ain’t no dot-com-bubble. Noway.


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