Open Source bulk buyouts!

In the financial world of bulls and bears, we are encompassing a similar stream of cases with the information technology world. Big players eating and gulping the smaller players and wiping out the stream of innovation and creativity. This phenomenon not uncommon and its been happening for centuries in the form of different events not necessarily buyouts. But what’s the fate of these companies, what’s going to get at the end of the day when all these major players buy out those tiny innovative engines and kill that creativity for their own profits and benefits. I for self don’t know. May be there’s a way out of all of this. But for now there doesn’t see to be any. In a recent story published by Business Week it speculates that Oracle is preparing to buy JBOSS, ZEND and Sleepycat Software. The whole IT community to Larry Ellison is like Costco Wholesale. He’s buying in bulk – hopefully he’s getting better discounts and good deals on those buyouts. What’s next Oracle?

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