Open Source Code tomorrow and Open Source today

In a story titled “Ingres predicts the end of open source”, Dave Dargo is being interviewed, and his views are expressed as if the end of the open source is coming fairly soon. Where as its already argued a several times that a new model of open source is into penetration. Companies today are realizing that keeping the source code closed is not going to fetch them a lot of flexibility, and moreover the new regulations and mandatory implementations make life tougher for any application management and support department if the vendor for that application is not cooperating with the modification of source code (which rarely is the case as we know it!).

Now, with the flexibility and freedom given to the client with an option of open source code, its upto the client whether they feel competent enough to do the modiication or customization themselves or would be willing to engage the vendor itself for a small fee to make those changes/modifications. But with the bottomline that the flexibility is there and its going to pay the client a long ways.

In this article, Dargo continues to lay out the pretty picture of tomorrow, the beautiful licensing scheme of open source and the very convinient way of updating and the flexibilities it’ll come with. Surely, we can’t expect everything to happen so smooth. There will be bottlenecks, closed door discussions, and more importantly some serious issues on what to do if you are still stuck with closed source!

May be its time now for introspection, not only from the development companies but also from the companies who are going to be the users tomorrow or currently are of such open source/closed source technology . Its not an easy walk for anyone, and we all are learning from our mistakes, everyday, and will continue to do so.

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