I’m Google-trapped!

Google!It sounds silly, but its true. Google tools are so facinating, I must admit anyhow. Starting from Google home page and then from there on it just sways you away with the day quotes and all the news clippings (you can customize the contents of the Google home page) and then you just get lost into the desktop thingy! Ah! I hate this Google-trap. But I don’t think there is a way out of this and franklly you really can develop some bad habits along the way like visiting CNN or MSNBC less often. So seriously I think that there should be some sort of “surgeon’s general warning” as to limit the usage of Google in a day. 🙂

My notebook. Google Notebook.
Notebook sold me completely. Just when I was thinking that something like notebook would be a cool feature, I came across Google Notebook. Man these guys are mind readers. Its exciting to see how your wishes unfold with Google. Its easy integration with FireFox makes life so simple. I never have to worry about keeping the notes in all the places and moving them or combining them or to move them to another place, etcetra and etcetra. I can have multiple notebooks with multiple sections in it. What more can be asked from a simple notebook. And the best part is that its online, meaning it travels with me wherever I go without carrying the notebook with me.

Now Google Spreadsheet…is there Google Word Processor coming soon too?
And now with the launch of Google Spreadsheet, I mean c’mon Google. Don’t spoil us too much now. I got an invite just yesterday and I have already started to love it. It happens with Google only, falling in love so fast! Any how I’m a frequent visitor to Google Labs and poke my nose around sniffing for new stuff always. It woould be interesting to see Google Word Processor. I don’t know but I sometimes miss Wordstar (if you know what that is), it was simple and fast!! I’m really not happy with MS Word or even OpenOffice Writer, but what can we say. But this spreadsheet is cool. It allows me to share it with others to make mods and adds to it; lets me import Excel files; and comes integrated with using formulae. But mind you its still in beta release so there will be problems hence be patient.

Google Labs: Is it better than the best or what?
Well I must say that Google’s approach of coming up with new tools every once in a while is purely attractive and keeps everyone excited and wanting for more. Its like bunch of kids always looking upto that cookie jar to see what’s coming out next, what kind of cookie may be! Ah! And for Google the internet and its users are a bunch of kids. I like the idea of Google Labs. And I think its a nice way to lay out there and keep that adreline running for everyone. And with the AJAX introduction the web is getting better and better and inexpensive everyday. Some of the tools which I think should get better overtime with usage I believe could be Ride Finder, Reader, Transit, Spreadsheet, Page Creator, Related Links and Notebook.

World without Google?…you must be kidding!
Its hard to imagine how Google has fit into our daily lives so well. I can’t think o internet if I don’t see Google. There’s a lot of emotional attachment with Google for every internet user. I remember back in mid 90’s when I saw Google.com for the first time, gosh it was exciting then; and surpisingly enough, it has been exciting everyone since then! Thank you Google!

It’s almost becoming impossible everyday to free ourselves from this Google-trap!

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