Lenovo To Shun Linux

While quite surprising is this news, at the same time its quite shocking as well. Just when we thought that ThinkPad’s were going to be a paradigm shift towards the distribution and installation of open source based operating system and the enterprise community would eventually see a lot new offerings in this area, the whole thing is blown off. Now Lenovo, owner of ThinkPad, claims that they were a committed Microsoft shop before the take over of ThinkPad and they’ll continue to do so. I wonder what are they thinking at this point, with new Vista no where near the picture and its continuous delay in release, Lenovo might have some strategy in mind which probably could get them better opportunities in the near and long term future being an entire Microsoft OEM shop. Lets hope Lenovo is not right.

On the contrary, the opportunity wasted is opportunity gained by someone. I’d like to see other laptop manufactures taking up this Linux challenge. Companies like HP, Dell, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sony, or even Gateway would be interesting to watch over the next couple of months period.

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