Apple. Innovation. Style. Class. Value for money.

I am just blown away by the latest iWork’08 and the very new Numbers application by Apple. Is Apple the only company in the world which packages innovation, style, class and value for money all in one? I’m also amazed to see the enhancements made to iLife’08. Shouldn’t all the companies be innovative and creative like Apple?

The other day I spent a good 30 minutes to understand the basics of latest Office’07. And I must admit that I was amazed with the styling but really what a mess! It took me a great deal to find simple thing such as “Save as” which is to my surprise was hidden in top left corner under the special Office logo! What the $%^#&? Anyhow, Microsoft might have the advantage of the general enterprise wide acceptance and similar user market, but with innovation like Office’07 they sure are making one hell of a life for the enterprise as well as the common user. Everything is not about style. It is about usability and applications own cleverness. By adding style Office’07 has added overhead with requirement of higher disk space, at least a gig of RAM and a faster processor, and without all this good luck with your Office’07 experience as your machine will be on Office’07 mercy. I strongly encourage Microsoft engineers to learn something from Apple engineers and Apple’s application design team.

At least, with Numbers Apple has accomplished what was the missing link in their office application suite – and with AppleWorks disappearance with OS 9 this surely is a delightful surprise to see a much effective and pleasant spreadsheet application.

Good job Apple and keep it going!!


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