Recently the organizing committee put together a sponsorship package for the event, and I think this is the best way to describe this event –

COSSFest 2007 is an exposition of open source technologies, welcoming new voices, tools and projects that will accompany established operating systems, platforms, languages and applications that started the open source movement. The beginning collaboration between two user groups and post-secondary education has been expanded to include new partners in making this event the biggest free technology event in Calgary.

COSSFest is the place for the open source community and their supporters to gather, exchange ideas and gain momentum. It is also a place for enterprise developers and managers to see and hear about competitive advantage in using open source technology. It is an opportunity to learn from and meet with users of open source who could profoundly affect Information Technology strategy in your organization.

There are already very interesting tracks and sessions confirmed for this event, ranging from Web 2.0, Collaborative frameworks to Ruby on Rails, and areas covering Linux. It’ll be fun to watch coming all this together on the event day. There are many things lined up for next couple of weeks. It is going to be very busy as we approach the event day.

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