Basecamp. 37Signals. New Look. Happy or sad?

OK so Basecamp got upgraded this weekend – got a new facelift. A lotsa features aren’t working. Seriously. I was mostly shocked that none of my projects show up now anymore, and I believe they also do not offerr a free plan anymore. Really? I wanna know why. 


Only time will tell how the new Basecamp evolves and is accepted. Some new ideas might be neat like my own calendar and daily progress – but I haven’t really seen what’s the working here for them. But I am anxious, very much so.

In the meantime I’m frustrated that all my projects are gone. And possibly sitting somewhere safe, I hope, before I could get to them. Does 37Signals cares about what their large user base be thinking or doing if they decide to snatch away and rip off all functionality – and just start with scratch? Looking at my first experience with Basecamp just now – they probably not right now. 

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  1. Thanks Jason, and I appreciate your response. Like with any any new revised product it takes while to getting used to, and I’m sure you guys must have thought through this completely so I’m willing to wait and see how my experience becomes better over using new Basecamp. I’ll look for other options within Classic to new as well.

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