From Commodification to Commoditization. The mighty iPhone.

So the iPhone 5 sold out tonight within few minutes. Again. I went up to grab my wallet, and enter my card number, and a few minutes ago it was showing me that I could pick up iPhone 5 in this store but just minutes later, whooooshh! It was gone. Why am I not surprised? It’s iPhone 5.¬†Surprisingly, this whole market and for that matter this existence of iPhone wasn’t even there few years ago. But now, this iPhone matters.

Consumerism is not a fad. It is a reality. We live in a consumerized world. And yes our needs and wants are dictated by this very much driven consumerism. So iPhone made it from commodification to its commoditization, but it still is a rarity when every time a new one comes out. Apple did great, for themselves, and has done much better for creating whole new set of new economy around iPhone. Google ¬†ditto’d with Android. And rest is history.

I’ll try again tomorrow night and see if I could order one, successfully.

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