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My Story

I started my blog (rapidBLOG) in 2003, which was essentially a steady stream of observations on technology, software development, social media, technology management. It also shared my perspective on the IT industry and analyses from the blogosphere. My focus for the past decade and a half has been on enterprise customers with a strong emphasis on Agile and DevOps Consulting. My vertical industry experience spans banking, finance, real estate, insurance, transportation, telecommunication, oil & gas, technological industries, Internet B2B and various other service businesses.


As your company adopts Agile practices, it is imperative that the knowledge and experience of every team member is evaluated and improved upon if need be. I speak Agile fluently and can share my secrets with your organization on Agile and other essential technologies. I can help you identify and avoid challenges in the Agile environment and learn how to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that you might miss. My extensive library of articles and white papers (Agile transformation, methods & principles and program/project revival, among others) can empower your organization and help you slice through obstructions, avoid setbacks and ensure that projects are on-time and value-enriched.

My Books

DevOps Practical Handbook

Handbook on practical aspects and patterns of applying DevOps within a Development environment. 

Innovation Agile 

Innovation is the key to modern day and age organization, and how Agile helps companies fulfill that void which is mostly missing by applying Agile but not really innovating. 

People. Process. Technology.

These three make up the modern times development landscape, and without these we are missing a great deal in terms of leanring, growth and leadership. 


Planning is everything. Plans are nothing.

– Helmuth james graf von moltke

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