the art of being agile


This books covers the storyline for Agile Software Development from a practitioners point of view. Includes hands-on examples of ceremonies, collaborative methods, building the rapport between management, teams & customers, and shortening the feedback loop. It also covers & addresses key cross functional areas such as user experience, architecture, large scale agile implementations, & distributed agile. Overall, this book is meant for individuals and teams who are practicing agile at workplace.

Other Books

 Here are some other titles in the works 

DevOps Practical Handbook

Handbook on practical aspects and patterns of applying DevOps within a Development environment. 

Innovation Agile

Innovation is the key to modern day and age organization, and how Agile helps companies fulfill that void which is mostly missing by applying Agile but not really innovating. 

People. Process. Technology.

These three make up the modern times development landscape, and without these we are missing a great deal in terms of leanring, growth and leadership. 

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