5 things you must know about self publishing

5 things you must know about self publishing

As we delve deep into the abyss and dismay of digital phenomenon, it is becoming increasingly clear and confusing on how we can or will benefit from the factors such as self-satisfaction and self-healing, and bring that sense of self-upheavel towards the cause of self-maturity to the level where we are capable of self-publishing and share our experiences of life and its learning with the larger reader group and that is the world.


Sean writes an impeccable post on top 5 things you must know about self-publishing. And not to spoil all 5, here are first three:

1. Self publishing can be the first step to lifelong writing success.

2. You don’t have to be on your own.

3. The digital age makes niche markets viable, and self publishers will be the ones to exploit them.

Read the entire post by Sean here – http://bit.ly/nHIhXc.

Disclaimer: Sean works for me, and is a Marketing Co-ordinator @rapidBOOKS

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Publishing in digital age

As a publisher it is important to understand the lay of the land and worry about the distribution, sales, the work effort that goes into building a crafty book, the hard work in followups, contracts, etc. etc. Traditionally, these were and have been and will continue to be the focus items for any publisher, and to add to their woes, the digital content and the digital distribution is here to stay. 

Publishing in digital age is fun, exciting, challenging, a lot more work, and a pure joy. And its faster than before. And most of all it will keep the publishing industry on its toes with new innovation in publishing and making it more reader friendly. 

I recently met some fellow publishers, authors, and publishing industry folks, and most of them had this general fear about what the digital age is going to do to them – nothing terrible they hope. And indeed, it is nothing terrible.

The advent of digital content and digital distribution on the other hand has oppened up some new avenues and new channels for any publisher across the globe. And it also has created new opportunities for any publisher to seek and advance in their business with new opportunities. Fiction or non-fiction, or poetry or prose, or any type of content that someone is writing to share their life’s worth of experience has no boundaries and borders. Every publisher needs to embrace this digital age with open arms, as oppose to hiding or shying away from it.

Enough fear is created elsewhere as to how the digital content will destroy the traditional publishing or is already doing that, but through the loooking glass there are better oppotunities than missed ones in this new age.  

I plan on sharing some stories, and share my experience as a newbie digital publisher of rapidBOOKS

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