Development. Simplicity. Desperate Measures.

Sometimes the minute of the tasks around development seem to be mundane and tend to get ignored. And sometimes, those development exercises keep the heads down and development focused on what they should be focused on most of the times. This seems so simple, and so achievable. All it takes to do is the effort in pulling this together from a stand-point where everything seems to be organized and accepted.

That’s the beauty of the simplified processes that make complete sense, and that add value and enhance the confidence of any development team for that matter. Yes, I am talking about a simplified process that enables and empowers the developers do their job at best. And, I am indeed referring to agile/lean/kanban frameworks that make things easier than expected closer to what they should be in the first place. The best ideas are born out of necessity, and the brilliant ideas are born out of utter desperation.

And lean/kanban/agile all stem out from that necessity and desperation. And this is no surprise. Every effort the development teams put in making sure that the code is workable and there’s a viable product or feature out there builds more confidence for not only the development teams but also the business and its effects can be seen 360 degrees. The value these processes add is that they help achieve these objectives with efforts that sometimes are seamless but mostly methodical and structural. Its like building a structure with proper facade and support. And the old processes and methods are somewhat of a tie down trick which somehow used to work, but today there’s no capacity or risk chance possible to undertake such a method and jeopardize the development.

I would be interested in learning others perspective on this and their experiences.

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