How Can You Get More Effective with DevOps?

Here’s the excerpt of my recent article published in Better Software Magazine, :

The promise of DevOps is to provide a basis of collaboration between organizations and IT that produces superior customer value.

One of the most recent changes in the operations and delivery surrounding IT has been a new awareness of how critical sup- port for ongoing operations is, and how the value chain should continue to improve for the various businesses that IT sup- ports. For large and fair-sized corporations, where the core business is anything but IT, popular opinion suggests that IT is perceived to consume company profits—essentially, a cost center. This has led to a high level of scrutiny in recent years, especially with tighter budgets and shrinking profits. The need for tight control of expenditures in IT development and support to keep the network running smoothly is a growing concern for the CIO and CFO. In effect, this has turned into a struggle between the need to main- tain tight operations with minimum expenditures and resources while attempting to maximize support and continuing to produce results. …

Download the Better Software Magazine’s July/August 2014 Edition here to read the full article.


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