What’s the ideal path to outsource? The best way to go is outsource those efforts that are clearly defined and not abstract. Outsourcing is all about following a more formal approach to software development.

The Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Model® (SA-CMM®) is a model for benchmarking and improving the software acquisition process. SA-CMM has a unique emphasis on acquisition issues and the needs of individuals and groups who are planning and managing software acquisition efforts.

Each maturity level indicates an acquisition process capability and has several Key Process Areas (KPAs). Each KPA has goals and common features and organizational practices intended to institutionalize common practice.

Business Process Outsourcing is becoming a major industry force for both small and large companies alike. Today, firms can outsource anything from a targeted technology (ie. website) to a complete department (Finance, Operations, etc.). This community is for all parties with an interest in outsourcing who want to share knowledge and compare best practices.

Now there are couple of issues concerning outsourcing. There are benefits. But the basic idea for a better outsourcing is to not to forget to take into consideration the impact on the in-house developers. The general myth of outsourcing includes viewing decision of outsourcing as a negative management decision towards the in-house-technical-workforce. And then the possible layoffs. Myth. Myth. Myth. The reality: we need to learn more about outsourcing.



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