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My recent paper focuses on e-Health Care. The focus today is not how good a Health Care service is but also how fast and efficiently that service is delivered to the end customer – the patient in this case. This in other terms also means how less of the overhead is the health-care organization is able to keep. Cutting all the jargon puzzle – the bottom line is despite all the complicated forms processing and keeping piles and piles of paper work how the health-care office is managed efficiently and with ease. Where all the information is available on the click of the button to the various departments without getting bombarded with information overload or even lack of sufficient information in other cases.

In my company we have been able to cut these edgy-corners and have come up with a straight and simple model which is bound to get our clients cent percent success with e-Business and e-Health care solutions.

Our focus on Agile Methods enables us to provide the hard solutions the easy way. The Health Care market as it stands today, is a BIG game, and reaping the maximum out of it is the call of the hour. Be it at the level of CTO or CFO or even CEO, the things are the hard way for each one of them to get the best out of it from their existing business process.

This is where the experts or I’d call idealGURUS come into play, as healers to your aching business process. And given the everyday challenges of Health-Care industry, it becomes essential to follow what the idealGURUS have to say and act upon it wisely.

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