Outsourcing KING of the World!

From the land of GOLD and FREEDOM and HERITAGE and CULTURE! No one in the west actually thought of the east when we were running into the industrial 20th century. But by the end of the century and the begining of 21st century everyone got startled and things changed and they changed for good. An new word was re-invented for the resource-and-cost-saving-hungry information technology world – OUTSOURCING.

One country had a pool of visionaries. A pool of unbeatable-talented-people. India. And these people picked up fast and early. They started and others followed and jumped onto their bandwagon. And today its all history.

But today is the time to see – FURTHER and AHEAD. Following the ‘Indian’ trend many other far-eastern economies have opened their doors – with FLASHY sign-boards – “AVAILABLE XYZ @ FRACTION-OF-A-DOLLAR-RATE”. Of the all the things said and done. Its not the PRICE you can’t BEAT – but its actually the work which matters the most. Its what is coming out of the oven from the bakery shop at the end of the day. BURNT or UNCOOKED BREAD or FRESH AND SOFT BREAD.

The choices today are clear. And the competition is intense. One has to take many steps before they actually challenge the KING alone or even as a combined power. But to a large extent the KING too has to maintain its integrity – it too has to come up with new and innovative measures to keep up with its position.

As always the competion is always fierce.



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