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Finally I’m taking this seriously. Finally I’ve come back. RapidBlog.com was started in the winter of 2003. The site was hosted at a very affordable host – hence – went down a couple of times; lost contents at times; unfortunately, without any backups. I’m tired of the hosting service, but can’t do anything as I paid a year full in advance and now they (‘the-hosting-company’) won’t refund me. So, I say, what the heck. Let it be. Another ordeal for couple of months but this time I’ll make sure I’ve all my proper back ups.

Anyway, that was just a brief description of the things happened with my dearest site. But, let me tell you that this site is not about whinning. Its about technology and high-tech world. Where I work. Things I do. Its all about that. And all of my rants and raves, bundled into one piece – RapidBlog.com.

Hope you’ll enjoy your stay here.


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