Offshore Project Management : What a PM feels? (Part I)

There are many factors influencing the day-to-day activities in a very active offshore project. There are several things that need attention. And they need attention at all times. Right from the beginning in the project there are certain stakeholders in the project that needs the ultimate attention in the project. And their stakes are always high. And a PM needs to watch that- all the time.

Likewise there are things that make perfect sense out of anything. Likewise the project management for an offshore project is not an easy thing. There are several challenges that come in between. Many bottlenecks. Many road stoppers. And many show stoppers as we might call it in the implementation of the project.

There are factors considering the status of the mind – several stakeholders – with their own stakes make perfect sense for the do and die situation for the perfect project. Not necessarily everyone makes sense out of the project activity. But there are some that do. Some people or stakeholders are straight forward – to the point – mean exactly what they say. And some are not so whatsoever clear. They have their own language. Their own interpretation – not necessarily you’ll find them in the entire project but it is certain that you will find characters like that in one or the other project.

Coming, back to the complexity of an offshore project. The things or the objectives that make it so complex beyond the obvious is not the managerial lack ness with the project manager but in fact the offshore team not so clear in presenting the picture on what’s really going on. If you really don’t have the complete picture from the other side of the world then it’s not obvious that you’ll make up your own and come up with the perfect situation. But guess what, the profession of project management demands that from a project manager. No matter what; the PM has to be on its toe – in a dog-eat-dog-world.

More to follow…

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  1. Manoj,I’ve read a few of your blogs. Very sharp. If you dont mind me asking, where did you go to B School? Are you working in the States? Keep up the good blogging and best of luck to you in 2005!Cheers,Patrick Dodd

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