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What’s your take on management? Do you think that management is all about “Managing the people”. Doesn’t management rings a bell or two about where the heck is the work-pressure coming from. The deadlines and milestones. The deliverables and the likes. My own personal experience makes me think that management is not just about managing people in a given organization but also managing its culture.

Think about how well the culture of your past organization/department was. Think about how your own needs were well taken care of when you wiped your butt in the middle of the night thinking what’s it going to be in tomorrow’s status meeting! Spending sleepless nights and just putting things right.

Do I understand what management is? Am I’m no management guru. All I know is what I’ve learnt through by myself. But even if somebody has or thinks he’s a management guru – they wouldn’t argue as well on this; because, management is not only a day-to-day cultural movement but also it’s a statement of complex relationships to be managed. Every company/organization/department has its own style. It has its own and self-defined management personnel. Its own way of life. Despite of the fact that there exists a standard – milestone corporate management policy. Management is actually a breathing life of the organization. If management loses its track or breathes out dead – the organization is dead as well. In order to keep the longevity and health of the organization – the management needs to act in a way to keep it healthy and alive.

This is now forcing me to think things like what else happens when the companies goes awe! The management is the critical piece of any organization in running and continuing the business. A business itself is very critical and competitive to run. When a company has a business and in order to sustain it – it takes a lot. But in order to keep running it and keep pushing the workforce to make it work better and better – its a lot of effort and this all comes from no other than the management itself.

Imagine a workforce, diversified, de-located and at distinguished levels. Graduates, or undergraduates. Professionals and administratives. All working for the same cause – money. And the product they are creating is the this company. And the not so strange fact about a organization is that, that any organization is born based on certain objectives and principles/values. These objectives and principles/values bring together a thought process. That thought process gives a way to the challenges and creates an actual working prototype of that organization. This prototype is further enhanced and polished by the analysis and adjunct by the entire core team which is working towards these objectives.

In simple terms, management is not just a bunch of white/blue collars sitting across each other in a large conference room, trying to resolve a conflict or pave a way to the next big-idea! Now most of you’ll agree that – these conference rooms are not at times the place for the big-ideas! But pave a way to conflict – may be yes!

Sometimes management means, a grievances committee. Not necessarily true however for some companies. For those companies these sometimes could be handled by the Grievances Department specially created by the management, for the management and also is a representative of the management!

More to follow…

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