Seven Transformations of Leadership

In a recent article published in HBR about Seven Transformations of Leadership it brings out some good points about leadership traits. The author has clearly narrowed the lines and distinguished the subjective.

Leaders are made, not born, and how they develop is critical for organizational change.

In his words, the article talks about seven ways of leading:
1. Opportunist (wins any way possible)
2. Diplomat (avoids overt conflict)
3. Expert (rules by logic and expertise)
4. Achiever (meets strategic goals)
5. Individualist (interweaves competing personal company action logics)
6. Strategist (generates organizational and personal transformation)
7. Alchemist (generates social transformation)

And heres’ my take on this about the B-Schools:
A common approach followed by the most business schools is that they follow a plan path which makes more sense in sticking to their own values. Like wise in majority of the B-Schools sometimes this is not even present. Only the textual knowledge won’t create the kind of pool which the industry wants. Looking beyond the perspective creates agile-features and adds value to it. And I think most of the schools have now started thinking on these lines and have initiated some thought process at least. The market is demanding and very challenging. The toughest stands out. Only time will entail the best.

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