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What’s so awe about data center projects that every company goes ‘duh’? Challenges. Challenges. Challenges. Every software project has its own challenges. But for data center projects there are couple more to worry about. I’ll bring out some basics on what are the current challenges and later on how to tackle those challenges.

Some common traits (translated as in challenges/issues) which are seen within the organization:
– new equipment is being acquired without adequate concern
– upper IT management’s lack of involvement in the planning and procurement of new equipment
– less focus on the environmental issue of the data center; basic needs such as cooling, power and reliability
– lack of communication between IT and facilities department
– poor communication with senior management

Now, in order to minimize these challenges and/or here are some pointers to tackle and improve:
– air-cooling through liquid cooling
– raising floor levels from 18” to 24”
– use of blade servers instead of using the convential server
– sometimes, having a flat organzation also helps escalate some concerns related to the project directly to the management
– use of proactive monitoring tools and third party service providers
– use of dual bus UPS systems
– some companies follow automation and server consolidaton
(source: InformationWeek.com)

Although, this just gives the preview but atleast its a start. Now, is it important how the project was run? But what important is that the servers in those data centers are running the important applications efficiently and flawlessly (well…almost!)


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