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India and China are together now creating some waves in the technology world. The recent summit held in Bangalore, India between the primiers of both the countries had almost all the western attention. Now there are many speculations made but how truthful and substantial they are only time will tell. But for right now, it has the world watching.

On the upside, lot of Indian software companies have started establishing their offices in China. China also has the same pool of tech pros as of India with not so fluent English speakers unlike India. But this is changing slowly as well. Lot of Indian companies understand the Chinese threat. The wise work would be to make the ‘dragon’ and the ‘tiger’ work together somehow.

No matter how the political scenario had been between the two countries, but with this economical movement it could patch some cuts and rashes. The expectation is to get some worthwhile result out. IT on the other hand expects a major trend shift in software and hardware development and standardization. How the western nations take its entirely another debate. But as of today, the innovation and the rising of the East in technology is certain. Now, how West manages and maintains its position would be food for thought right now.


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