Open Source Initiatives: Project Participations & IT Grants

We are pleased to be part of this growing community of open source. At the core we are indebted towards the large technology community which has offered numerous opportunities and has created many careers in past close to a century now. Since the early 1990s there has been a growing trend towards community based development. And over the past several years it has being going stronger and stronger. And its still growing stronger and lot of bigger enterprises have started to buy-in into the concept of Open Source development. And not far behind is everyone’s favorite company ‘Microsoft’…sort of. Times do get changed.

From UNIX to Linux, the community based development has traveled far and wide. With the birth of internet and other cross communication tools today its almost real that team members sitting hundreds and thousands of miles away from each other come together and collaborate and deliver the solution. Its almost unseemingly real.

Keeping the spirit alive, Dextrus Prosoft is also committed towards open source development. We are an active participant at the Project JXTA and We believe in sharing knowledge and enhancing knowledge with the involvement of the community at large. A knowledge shared is knowledge dispersed and brings together another set of thoughts and ideas and which brings with itself a pool of knowledge-base. Thus creating a wealth of knowledge!

With our active participation with these communities, we are also committed towards serving various non-profits who lack the budget to support their IT infrastructures and requirements. Dextrus Prosoft has taken the challenge to support few non-profits every quarter with an information technology grant by providing them complete information technology support. The idea behind this is to create better serving non-profits who give a lot to our communities. These grant could be in the form of website (basic and/or advanced) and donor database creation/implementation.

Our involvement towards these projects is committed and focused. We celebrate work, both as a craft and for the value it creates.

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