Birth of Open Source World & archival of this blog

I haven’t really been active from past couple of months on my blog as most of my energy is going towards my new project Dextrus Prosoft, Inc. And now, with my involvement increasing in open source projects I’ve finally decided to expand the horizon for my blog and come up with a space which is more info-sourcable (no such word but look at it as ‘information’ + ‘source’) than what it already is and hence the birth of Open Source World.

Open Source World would present a platform for Open Source News, Forums, Blogs, Articles, Books, and Jobs to name a few, also I’ll invite great minds working in the open source world to be part of this effort by joining the site and provide their valuable contribution on a regular basis. The idea behind Open Source World this is to provide the Open Source community a centralized avenue where the information on its technology and other areas can be easily obtained.

This blog will continue to be available on this site here and the RSS feeds would be available here.


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