Open Source initiatives by big Corporations

In a recent development IBM & Novell have joined hands together towards contributing code to an open source initiative to build a user centric, online identity management system. Quite similarly Eclipse IDE has been long supported by the consortium of big corporations (including IBM). Now it may sound quite repetitive to read IBM’s name again and again but its slowly but not so quitely making its way into the open source world. In a recent buyout of some open source milestone companies by Oracle, it appears Oracle is also headed open source way. But for the so called bought out open source start-up/established companies their future is now at the mercy of these big corporations. And it appears that for those open source companies it would never be the same again.

Looks like there is a lot of ground which these bought out open source companies have to lose. Company ethics and objectives will be mixed-up, lots of compromising and the challenge of facing threat to merge with the new culture. It might be a tough road ahead for these acquired companies.

For whatever reasons, the future still holds good for the big corporations, and sometimes we see ‘google’ or ‘yahoo’ in the making, but not quite often. Infact, we haven’t seen any in quite a while now.

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