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Imagine yourself sitting in BART and downloading songs to your PDA from your home entertainment center, amazing isn’t it, and its very much possible and happening now. You can do all this at All you do is download their beta version to your PC and create an online free account and you are done! And now you are ready to share and access your pictures, music, movies, podcasts, and other media devices right through the web and within one simple application at mySimpleCenter. And there is no need to upload or download your pictures or music or movies or any other media running at home or office anywhere. And the bottomline, keep running those devices at home in order to be able to access them remotely (just plain logic).

I came across recently, and it just purely hooked me into it right away. Although these folks are in ‘beta’ and the bugs and fixes are done along the way but surely looks like they have a successful road ahead already. These guys have a pretty good and responsive support model through their online forum and mailing lists. Technologies like these aren’t hard to define or create now a days given the fact that there is a lot going on in the Open Source world and else where in the Java and its related technologies world.

Looking at Open Source and the various developments that have taken place in the IT world, is commendable and very niche at the same time. And thanks to Simple Devices, Inc. the company behind this whole that they have made a hats-off attempt by creating a new open source channel to further enhance the capabilities and features of their exisiting technology and getting a bright and large pool of developers to contribute towards SimpleCenter technology. If you want to be a part of this growing community then you should visit their open source website at

I surely like the concept and would be watching closely what’s up next with them. And am sure you’ll too. And most of all its free and they support and contribute towards open source!

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