My book. Open Source Project Management.

I’ve decided to create a separate blog for my book, Open Source Project Management, as the title suggests, the book is on open source and the project management practice in the open source world. Through this blog I want to focus on the subject of this book and little away from this blog. Although the subjects covered here are broader in open source world and include the business perspectives and does include project management per se but I still wanted to keep project management related thoughts on my book in a separate space which I strongly feel should be there. And this way I can get one-on-one response on my book. Although you are most welcome on this blog and read what else I have to say in other areas apart from the book’s subject.

I invite active reader participation through comments on OSPM blog in shaping my book and its content flow. Since the book is on open source a somewhat open source approach in creating this book would not be a bad idea! I’ll try to post some excerpts or share the ideas which I feel should be included in the book on this blog. Also, I plan on publishing the milestones so as to let the readers know where the book is in the process right now, and whether they can get an early peek at the book. I am still thinking at this stage on what all can be done with OSPM blog and I’ve so many ideas running through my head right now. Well I’ll guess I’ll bring them up as they come to me. So OSPM blog will be a work in progress all the way.

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