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I’ve been keeping myself busy (hence, no posts in past three weeks) with RoR development on a small project which I’ve taken along with my three person team. Its been fun so far; and working with Ruby on Rails (RoR) is an added bonus. The rapid development approach of RoR really drives the agility through the project. It reminds me of words like agile, rapid, RAD, scrum, etc. Its fantastic. But there is a learning curve especially when you aren’t so familiar with the underlying scripting language such as ‘Ruby’.

Now the more I get into the world of RoR, I see more and more of Web 2.0 traits. AJAX (the underlying structure of AJAX has always been there but recently renamed), the CSS mantra, the MVC approach; it almost seems nothing new is invented here with these terms and references to Web 2.0 world. But the basic attitude towards the development of web apps surely has taken a new turn. JSP, XML, XSLT, Swing, etc. seem to be out of the window; but not quite yet. And, RoR is still in kindergarten; but growing rapidly in popularity. And we see a lot of new development and apps growing in this area. And it seems that everyone’s working on RoR and Ruby; but not everyone.

I’d like to talk more about my experiences on RoR but I’m not quite done yet and my small application has still ways to go. But surely I’d like to talk about it in weeks/months to come. So for now, I’ll leave at that RoR certainly has a rapid development model and with a very agile framework; which means a lot in today’s web app development world.

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