Information overload. Networking over-rated. Where are we headed?

I keep hearing that networking is a crucial element for any business or consultant to survive and thrive. And then I see a lot of ‘invasion’ and ‘information overload’ in the form of pointless and useless updates, who’s connected to who, tons of forum posts, etc. etc. And all this makes me think, do I really want all this hassle in order to be able to grow my business or network? Haven’t we gone from a ‘simplinostic’ to a very-nostalgic form of network communication? Who’s got the time to skim through all this information floating on the world wide web or the clutter being collected in my inbox every hour? Do I really want to follow someone on Twitter just to find out they landed in Chicago from their nice-weekend getaway trip to Miami? Really? How can we simplify this network exchange? How can we make it so easy for a busy entrepreneur so its easier to live a normal life for him or her? Aren’t we concerned where we are headed? Aren’t we concerned about this information overload?

Gone are the days when ignorance was a bliss. Today its a curse. But why so? Why are you reading this anyway? What’s it to you? How did you get here anyway? Just curious. 馃檪

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