Posterous is dead. Blogger, well its revived.

So Posterous got acquired, and now it seems that they have better things to do at Twitter. So it’s dead. It’s kinda sad, but that’s the order I guess with startups getting acquired. It’s about talent, and less about technology and way less about the product conceived which got them there in the first place.

My blog was down for over a week. Couldn’t get to it. Had all the settings there, but something was wrong at Posterous. And after enough frustrating rounds of figuring out, I’m back with my old faithful, Blogger. And to my surprise Blogger has done some neat things, which I am still getting familiar with. But one thing which I didn’t like right off the bat was the integration of ads without taking anyone’s consent. May be I overlooked or simply ignored where it was asked – but seriously, integrated ads?

Posterous was good when it was launched, then it got better, and finally it was there but something happened and they got picked up by Twitter. Well, its the food chain. Whale has an appetite, so it has to survive eating others. But I’m not sure why whale tweets, shouldn’t it moan!

Anyway, getting on and forward with Blogger now.

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