Argh F%@$!^$ Delta!

It was a tough vacation going out and coming in, but the rest in between (without Delta) was just heavenly. I am beyond belief that how such a large airline employ so many incompetent, irresponsible and incapable workforce. From Atlanta to Calgary, no one in Delta customer service is either knowledgeable and nor helping. This is the second time around Delta lost our checked-in bags on the same trip. After waiting at the customs for few hours past the midnight hour, and that too after a gruesome 10 hour in-flight-and-transit journey we finally gave up and came back with filled delayed-bags-forms at the customs (courtesy Customs and Air Canada rep as Delta folks were missing-in-the-F-action). It is our third day without any bags in our site or at our doorsteps, and no follow-up and courtesy call from Delta’s reps yet of what happened and what is going to happen next. Is Delta doing this on purpose or is it in its business nature well embedded in? In any case, someone’s gotta give at Delta on this, and yes, some price we paid for the trip to make it this memorable. I hope someone ‘s listening at F%@$!^$ Delta!!

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