Innovation, Social Media. And vice-versa.

Innovation and Social Media. Both have been around for many years. Think about the discovery of the newspaper, or the telephone or just about one of the daily devices or appliance we are so used to now.Hard to believe isn’t it. What various newspapers, magazines, SW & MW channels on the radio were to my grandfather the new media including feedreaders, Twitter, and other social media channels are the same for me today. There nodifferent than the newer ones have the ability to cut the time traveled and the agility with fancy delivery. Same thing.

What’s different then? We have more means today then we can ever imagine. We have more resources that we could possibly think of. And the world is like a small village to us. Access to people and resources is hand-distance away. How could you possibly be not innovating all the time? How can you resist the innovation with so many ideas and opportunities floating around.

Impossible I would say. Both innovation and social-media today are bringing the change faster than we can even think of. Its at a point where we cannot really imagine the life what it will be like tomorrow.


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