SocioSocial YYC – Interview with CBC Radio 1 – Day Break Alberta

I’d a pleasure once again to sit down and chat with Russell Bowers, and this time on SocioSocial. The program will be aired on Dec 3 / Dec 4, 2011. You can hear it however here

Russel Bowers is also moderating the publishing session at SocioSocial YYC scheduled for Dec 07, 2011. Learn more about SocioSocial here.   


SocioSocialYYC is a new style of conference.  It’s not about lecturers at lecturns. The group says it wants to bring people together in a “relaxed, sociable environment to exchange ideas.” Taking place from 8am-4pm at the Engineered Air Theatre in Calgary, attendees will go over topics in publishing, technology and social media. Presenters will be vying for a place at a  future IdeaCity or TEDTalks.  Registration for attendees can be found hereManoj Khanna of Rapid Books spoke with Russell about the event and his own experience as a new publisher.


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